As one of the best board games, play Monopoly Live casino has become a reference in family entertainment. Children, adults, and seniors have all found themselves, at least once, around a table to ruin their competitors with carefully managed real estate operations. Everyone had their own strategy for completing their fictitious real estate assets and winning the game! Today, the appearance of Play Monopoly Live Casino in various versions is arousing the curiosity of fans of this leisure activity. Focus on the different variants that promise interesting changes for an even better experience.

Play Monopoly Live Casino: the virtual version that is experiencing a big boom!

Officially released in April 2019, Monopoly Live was EGR magazine’s game of the year and has very quickly gained a reputation among internet users.

Having become a must-have game in virtual casinos, fans of virtual games have not been slow to adopt Monopoly online. A variant of the famous Dream Catcher, the difference with the traditional version lies in the general rules of the game and how it works. Here, the winnings are characterized by real money stakes, just like all the casino games available. Aimed at older players, this version 2.0 of Monopoly requires a good understanding of how the game works in order to win.

The system is based on a wheel with 54 different segments. Each player in the game is required to guess on which segment the wheel indicator will stop. They will have to bet the desired amount on the multiplier they deem relevant. The dealer will then spin the wheel and if a participant has bet on the indicator shown by the wheel, they will win their bet multiplied by the multiplier in question. For example, if a player bets $15 on multiplier 1 (which comes up 22 times on the wheel), they will win $15 +10 = $25.

In addition to the multipliers, play Monopoly Live casino also offers bonuses when the wheel hits one of four specific boxes, including the 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls, and Luck. Those who bet on these particular segments will be taken directly to the virtual Monopoly board. Here, bettors will be able to maximize their winnings by using multipliers on each square. The roll of the virtual dice will determine how many squares a player advances in order to determine his winnings. The luck box allows for cash prizes or bonuses.

Monopoly in other formats

There are different Monopoly formats

In addition to the online version, which has become very popular, this board game is also available in different formats.

Far from the most classic option, these allow players to live in new universes for an even more entertaining pastime. Each with its own specificity that is attached to the world it refers to, the Monopoly spin-offs is each worth playing:

  • Monopoly Game of Thrones: the various classic properties are replaced by cult locations in Westeros such as Chateauneuf, King’s Landing, etc.
  • Monopoly Louvre: purchase works of art in the museum through auctions;
  • Monopoly Friends;
  • Monopoly Dragon Ball super;
  • Monopoly Bad Loser;
  • Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man;
  • Monopoly The Lion King.