Video slots can be found at most Canada online casinos. They are very popular and are the most played online games. Most casinos have at least 500 or more different video slots available.

How do online video slots work?

The operation of online video slots is generally quite simple. This makes playing these types of slots fun. There are many different themes used with popular artists and movies being very popular like Terminator 2 filmed by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Almost every online video slot in Canada features 4 or 5 reels. The number of symbols varies often and will usually be 15, 20 or 25. In order to win prizes with these symbols, you need to form combinations of similar symbols.

Video slots sometimes have as many as 100 winning lines or even as many as 3125 winning ways. What is the difference between a pay line and a winning way? With a pay line, you have to follow a certain pattern with the same symbols. Win ways payout prizes when similar symbols are spun on consecutive reels.

Extra features in video slots

One big advantage over classic slots is that in video slots, you’ll usually find extra features. Which increases your chances of winning a prize!

Every developer develops its own slots, such as Microgaming or Konami. The standard version of a symbol or feature remains the same. Therefore below, you will find a short explanation of the most important features that you can find in online video slots.

Wild symbols

The most used extra feature on a video slot is the Wild symbol. This is a particular symbol on a slot machine that can be used as a substitute and often also to win single prizes with. Thanks to the substitute (joker) function of the Wild, you will be able to win prizes faster.

Scatter prizes

When video slots make use of scatters, this is certainly favourable. Scatter symbols are usually not tied to win lines or win ways. In most cases, you can receive a prize from 2 Scatters in random positions.

Free spins

The above-mentioned Scatter symbols are often used not only for winnings. In most video slots, you can also use them to win free spins. This is often the case with three symbols or more and an infinite number of free spins. If you win these free spins, it can also be the case that multipliers are awarded. Prizes will then be paid out higher.

Bonus games

As we have already mentioned, every video slot online nowadays has its own theme. You can start a bonus game by spinning enough bonus symbols. Prizes that you can achieve during a bonus game are always won for free.

Video slots with jackpots

In the assortment of online casinos, you’ll not only find video slots that payout “normal” prizes. Among the many slot machines, there are also video slots with progressive jackpots, which sometimes pay out prizes of many millions.

That depends on the video slot you choose. In one game, you have to reach the bonus and play out the bonus game. On the other hand, it can also happen that you have to form a certain symbol combination. How a jackpot can be won and what the actual prize is will always be clearly stated on the video slot in question.