La Florida

La Florida


Plot Summary 

The film stars Rémy Girard and Pauline Lapointe as Léo and Ginette Lespérance, a married couple who, after facing one too many Montreal winters, move their family to Fort Lauderdale, where they buy a motel catering to "snowbirds". However, their new business runs afoul of "Big Daddy" (Raymond Bouchard), an established motel operator and local crime boss, who makes it his mission to drive the Lespérances out of business.

Cast & Crew

Actors Rémy Girard Director George Mihalka
  Pauline Lapointe Writers Suzette Couture
  Yvan Canuel    Pierre Sarrazin
    Producers Claude Bonin
      Pierre Sarrazin
    Distribution Entertainment One 

Additional Information

Rating PG Running time


Language French
(English Subtitles)
Released 1993