Being Julia

Being Julia


Plot Summary 

Julia Lambert is a celebrated and glamorous actress, famous throughout England and happily married for years to her agent, Michael. But underneath the artifice, she is tortured by her fading looks, her philandering husband and her estranged son. When she meets Tom, a young American admirer and her son's best friend, she is swept off her feet, and embarks on a secret and passionate affair which threatens to create a social scandal and destroy her career and marriage; until she discovers that he has had an ulterior motive all along. There is no way that Julia Lambert is going to be taken for a fool, and she plans her revenge, the ultimate act of a woman scorned.

Cast & Crew

Actors Annette Benning Director István Szabó
  Michael Gambon Writer Ronald Harwood
  Jeremy Irons Producers Sandra Cunningham
  Bruce Greenwood   Robert Lantos
      Mark Musselman
      Julia Rosenberg
    Distribution Entertainment One 

Additional Information

Rating 14A Running time 104 minutes
Language English Released 2004