Healey's Hideaway

Healey's Hideaway

Plot Summary

A documentary about the Famous Jeff Healey Club which opened in downtown Toronto,Canada in 2001 until its closure in 2008. The movie tells the story of the Jeff Healey club ,the A- list musicians who played there from around the world and of course the amazing talent that Jeff had as a Blind Musician who never let his disability stop him from doing what he loved most -Music. With interviews with Cristie Healey, Randy Bachman , Burton Cummings,Ronnie Hawkins and others and with Rare live performance footage from the club with Jeff Healey, The Jeff Healey Blues Band, Ian Gillan, Jimmy Bowskill Watermelon Slim and many more.

Cast & Crew

Film Footage of

Jeff Healey


Eve Kinizo


The Jeff Healey Band

Producer Eve Kinizo

Ian Gillian


Lainie Knox

  Jimmy Bowskill Distribution

MVD Entertainment Group

Additional Information

Rating GP Running time 74 minutes


Released 2014