A Place to Live

A Place to Live/Pour vivre ici

Plot Summary

Monique's husband has just died. Overcome with grief, she drives from Baie-Comeau to Montreal to visit her daughter and son. She is hoping for solace, but her children are lukewarm. Only Sylvie, the girlfriend of her son who died 15 years ago, welcomes her with an open heart. Adrift, Monique decides to keep driving, to the small town in northern Ontario where she was born. There she finds no trace of her childhood or her ancestors, and sets off for the long drive back. By the time it is over, she has found the will to live again. She decides to resume her life on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, where she feels closest to the man she loved.

Cast & Crew


Amena Ahmad


Bernard Émond


Marie Bernier

Producers Bernadette Payeur

Sophie Desmarais


  Danny Gilmore Distribution

National Film Board

Additional Information

Rating 14A Running time 90 minutes


Released 2018