Hochelaga, Land of Souls

Hochelaga, Land of Souls

Plot Summary

A tremendous downpour hits Montreal, and a spectacular sinkhole opens up in Percival Molson Stadium in the idle of a football game. Mohawk archeologist Baptiste Asigny sets out to find shat he has spent his career searching for: the vestiges of the village of Hochelaga where his Iroquoian ancestors met French explorer Jacques Cartier in October 1535. Hochelaga, Land of Souls explores 750 years of history in one single spot where the souls of all centuries and all cultures come together.

Cast & Crew


Raoul Max Trujillo


François Girard


Tanaya Beatty

Producer Roger Frappier

David La Haye

  Gilles Renaud Distribution

Seville International

Additional Information

Rating 13+ Running time 100 minutes


Released 2017