This Is Our Cup

This Is Our Cup


Plot Summary 

This Is Our Cup is a celebration of the changes we all must make eventually, to let us stop thinking about the past and focus on the future. Louis-José Houde plays Max, a hockey fan whose life is turned upside down when his sister Nathalie returns from a long absence and his girlfriend Julie suddenly dumps him. Max faces some tough questions, but with the help of his friends Phil, Richard and François, he keeps some hope alive. This Is Our Cup is a dramatic comedy with plenty of tenderness and happy moments, in which the bonds of friendship between the characters are front and centre.

Cast & Crew


Louis-Jose Houde


Patrice Sauve


Julianne Cote

Producers Ginette Petit
   Emile Bibeau  

Nathalie Bissonnette

   Louis-Phillipe Dandenault  Distribution

Les Films Seville

Additional Information

Rating 14A Running time 98 minutes


Released 2017