New Year

New Year


Plot Summary 

A group of friends reunite at a New Year's Eve party a year out of university. They are all being thrust into the world of adult responsibility and accountability. Allison witnesses a random murder during a robbery at a gas station, which has caused her to reexamining her place in the world. Jason, her boyfriend, has just been financially cut off by his parents and is torn between dealing with this new unwanted autonomy and trying to comfort his shaken girlfriend. Tyler enjoys his bachelor lifestyle, using women as he pleases, but after he learns he will soon become a reluctant father he must make a choice between continuing his life of leisure or growing up. With Jason's New Year's Eve party looming, all want to forget their troubles and enjoy the night. But when a blackout strikes at midnight, what will this old group of friends find out about themselves and each other once the New Year arrives.


Cast & Crew


Julian DeZotti


Phil Borg


Joanna Douglas


Phil Borg


Morgan Kelly

Julian DeZotti


John Bregar


Claudio Chiodo



Additional Information

Rating 14A Running time 77 minutes


Released 2010