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Citizen Marc


Plot Summary 

CITIZEN MARC is a witty, irreverent biopic about famed Canadian pot activist Marc Emery, who just finished serving 5 years in a US penitentiary for selling marijuana seeds to Americans over the Internet. Emery is remarkable both for his astonishing ability to garner attention for himself and his cause as well as for the millions in profits from his marijuana seed sales that he has poured into the legalization fight across North America. Together, these efforts have made Emery arguably the most influential marijuana activist of his generation and a target for the United States government. But unlike virtually all materials on Emery, which see him as a martyr and champion of Canadian sovereignty, CITIZEN MARC submits Emery and some of his politics to significant scrutiny, wondering how Emery’s openly narcissistic quest for fame and avowedly pro-capitalist politics influenced his activism.

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Marc Emery


Roger Larry



Roger Larry


Sandra Tomc



Sandra Tomc



Capital Motion Picture Group


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Rating 14A Running time 94 minutes


Released 2014