Bond of Strangers


Plot Summary 

Canadians go the distance for remembrance in the land where the liberation of Europe began. An emotional 20-day pilgrimage along the route of the Canadian Army in Sicily in WW2. Ten Canadians who don't know each other meet on a beach in Sicily, where 70 years before, their predecessors landed to free Europe from Nazi tyranny. Operation Husky was the beginning of a long campaign in Italy where 96,000 Canadian soldiers served, suffered and soldiered on. Today, their valour and sacrifice is largely forgotten. The team of Operation Husky 2013, however, is determined to change that. They go to great lengths to honour the fallen and reclaim lost history. And form a special bond in their journey together, with each other, and with the local people whose memories of that dark time run deep.

Cast & Crew


Max Fraser

    Distribution  Remembrance Films Ltd.

Additional Information

    Running time 54 minutes
    Released 2015