Molly Maxwell

Molly Maxwell


Plot Summary 

At Phoenix Progressive School, where everyone tries to outdo each other with creative self-expression, 16-year-old Molly Maxwell would rather be invisible than risk revealing herself as completely ordinary. When her young, handsome, disillusioned English teacher enters the picture and allows her to just be herself, Molly is suddenly able to flourish. As their student-teacher bond becomes more intimate, she begins putting herself on the line in unexpected ways while pursuing what she wants. But with each awkward, beautiful step towards an impossible romance, Molly risks alienating everyone she loves.

Canadian Stories. Made By Women. Available to Watch Anywhere in Canada. Anytime.

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Cast & Crew


Lola Tash


Sara St. Onge


Charlie Carrick


Sara St. Onge


Krista Bridges


John Nadalin


Rod Stewart


Aeschylus Poulos


Richard Clark


Mark Van de Ven


Entertainment One


Additional Information

Rating 14A Running time 90 minutes


Released 2013