Being Canadian

Being Canadian


Plot Summary

What does it actually mean to be Canadian? This humorous documentary, featuring interviews with a who's-who of famous Canadians, hopes to find the answer. BEING CANADIAN chronicles the real-life quest of Robert Cohen, a proud Canadian, who left his hometown of Calgary and moved to the U.S. to start a career as a TV comedy writer. He started noticing how people outside Canada knew very little about his beloved homeland. After decades of ignorance, insults, and indifference, he decides to do something about it. Rob sets off on an epic personal quest, driving across Canada from East to West, to confirm the country he's been fighting for is still what he remembers. Interwoven with this journey are interviews with a variety of famous Canadians, along with people he meets along the way. His deadline? Midnight on Canada Day, in Vancouver. Imagine 'Sherman's March', but wearing a toque!

Cast & Crew


Cobie Smulders


Robert Cohen


Seth Rogen


Robert Cohen


Ben Stiller


Pete Aronson


Nathan Fillion



Mike Myers


  Michael J Fox   

   Will Arnet Distribution   Entertainment One

Additional Information

Rating 14A Running time 90 minutes
Language English Released 2015