Spotlight on Siobhan Devine is proud to put the spotlight on female directors and this month, alongside the exciting launch of our new VOD online channel of films exclusively by female directors, we are shining a light brightly on director Siobhan Devine, a Vancouver-based award winning filmmaker. Siobhan is an alumnus of CWC's Women in the Director's Chair.

This spotlight comes during our exciting launch of our important new initiative; October 27th, 2016, CanadaScreens is dedicating our work to not only celebrating how many different screens Canadians can watch films on, but also, and importantly, celebrating whose 'lenses' we are seeing stories told through. Collaborating with WIDC,, First Weekend Club and the National Film Board have now created a VOD channel exclusively for Women In the Director’s Chair!

About Siobhan Devine

Siobhan Devine is a Vancouver-based award winning filmmaker and an alumnus of CWC's Women in the Director's Chair. Siobhan also works in television as a director on shows including the Netflix Original Series ‘Some Assembly Required’, ‘Mr. Young’ for YTV & Disney XD as well as the Rogers, Hulu adult primetime sitcom ‘Package Deal’ for which she won a 2015 Leo Award for Best Direction. Siobhan has directed several award winning short films including ‘OMG’, starring award-winning actress Gabrielle Rose, which opened the 2013 Palm Springs Shortfest. ‘Breakfast with Gus’ screened around the world including premiering at TIFF and the controversial documentary ‘My Tango with Porn’.

BirdwatcherIn 2013, Siobhan was awarded WIFTV’s Spotlight Image Award as ‘Best Emerging Filmmaker’ as well as receiving the honour of winning the WIDC Feature Film Award. Feature Film, ‘The Birdwatcher’ is Siobhan’s debut feature and her work on the film has been recognized already through two awards: 2016 Leo Award for ‘Best Director of a Motion Picture’, and ‘Best Director’ at the Indie Gathering Independent Film Festival.

At the time of writing this post, THE BIRDWATCHER has just started its theatrical run and in the future it will be available to rent on! In the meantime, we have a little treat for our readers - a complimentary viewing of her award winning short film, “OMG”. Enjoy!

directing gabrielle jakob

tony and his female crew!

More About Canada Screens VOD Channel for Women

For anyone who’s ever wondered where they can find more films directed by women, First Weekend Club, and The National Film Board are pleased to launch our new VOD channel dedicated exclusively to female directors, curated by Women in the Director's Chair (WIDC).
In addition, each feature film you rent is paired with a complimentary short film, also directed by women, courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada!

"Canadian films have always struggled to find audiences, but films by women even more. This is our chance to make sure that audiences find them. We hope that this new channel will showcase some the incredible talent that we have across Canada". Says First Weekend Club’s Executive Director, Anita Adams, Carol Whiteman, President and CEO of Women in the Director’s Chair says, "Increasing audience access to Canadian woman-directed films is strategic to WIDC’s mandate, and the launch of this channel is a timely part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations. We look forward to introducing you to a specially curated collection of films by Canada’s most talented on-screen story-tellers who just happen to women directors.“

Take a look at the new Channel here!